Her name is Yoshimi.. (__ur0wndisaster) wrote in inneedofprayer,
Her name is Yoshimi..


Well, first. I'd like to say hello Abby. I guess I'm the first member.. So, well, don't take my prayer has something like I'm some kind of trashed up teenager. I just need someone to talk to.. so um.. alright. This isn't a joke either...

Dear God,

       Please forgive me for all of my sins that I have committed in the past several years when my life has taken the wrong turn. Please please forgive me for all those times I engaged in sexual activity with Brian, Schuyler, Anthony, and Ryan. That was a very messed up period in my life and I need to know that I can be forgiven. Also, please forgive me for losing my virginity to Sean, although I truly love him, it is pre-martial and that isn't right. Please forgive me for lying to my parents constantly about several things and about the pregnancy test and saying it was Kelseys. Please forgive my foul mouth and how I have cursed your name a few times, although I try to keep it at "gosh" but I slip, and for saying curse words and making it a habit. Please forgive me for my disrespect to adults around me, like my grandmother, although she does not respect me, I need to respect her and everyone else. Please forgive me for smoking pot and drinking. Please let me know you are there to protect me and guide me so I can get my life back on track and living it the way you want me to.

                                                                                  In Jesus Name I Pray.


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